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Just over 4 years ago we opened up a bricks and mortar store in our local town of Stafford. I have lived in Stafford all my life and when we opened the store, local papers asked why Stafford...well I knew it was a risk as I could see lots of stores closing down in our town, but Stafford is a place I love and there was no other place I wanted to be.

My Fiancee and I opened the store which was a woman's fashion store in the November of 2013, very excited to serve the people of Stafford. I have been in different businesses for 25 years and this was a different venture for both of us.

My Fiancee ran the store and I helped out when I could as I had my other business to run, I also concentrated more on marketing and learned everything I could about different types of marketing.

Time Was Running Out
As time went on we could see that this venture was going to be really difficult in a volatile market and over the next 2 years we were losing so much money with rent, rates and all other costs that you get when running a business, we, unfortunately, had to close the doors.

Now I never look on the black side and I'm always positive and what I learned from running a High Street Store was invaluable. We could see that quite a few more stores were closing, and yes this is happening all over the country, but it's so sad to see small businesses having to close after putting blood, sweat, and plenty of tears into their dream, for it all to fall flat.

I was determined I wanted to help local businesses to be able to keep their doors open and for a further 2 years I've been studying, learning and testing different marketing ideas and strategies, and now have a truly sustainable system that will produce new customers on a daily basis to businesses.
Now I know the importance of running a business on a tight budget, and when we had our High Street Store we knew we had to advertise to attract new business, however, I also knew the cost of advertising. The problem we also had was that when we did advertise it was difficult to know the exact numbers coming from the ads that were running, a lot was just guesswork and we had no way of knowing what the ROI {return on investment} was from those ads.
This is something when running a business you need to know, you need to know all the numbers in your business, I just wish we had the data to look at so we knew what marketing was actually working.
TLC Media Group Founder and CEO Lindon Talbot
TLC Media Group Founder and CEO Lindon Talbot
TLC Media Group Director Dee Bassie

Our Main Focus

As you can see, that was our store above, that's me Lindon Talbot and my Fiancee Dee Bassie.

We put so much hard work and money into the venture, for it to all come crashing down.
Once everything was sorted with the Landlord etc, I went full in to learn all about marketing, determined like I said to help other small business owners grow.
What all businesses want is more footfall, more sales, and customer retention and at the time, I didn't have the knowledge, a strategy or a system that would help me get this...until now.
I have invested over £33,000 to get the knowledge and systems to help not only the business owners of Stafford but small businesses across the country.
The main focus now is to help more and more businesses be able to get the customers they need, this also helps with authority, branding, positioning, trust and make sure your business is top of mind when a potential customer is thinking about purchasing what you have to offer.
I know first hand how difficult it can be with advertising costs running into thousands of pounds, and typical advertising is more about getting your name out there, which with that alone, unless you have the money such as the likes of Coca-Cola, is not the greatest way of advertising and doesn't get you a great ROI, you normally lose quite a bit of money, in the hope people will remember you once your advertisement stops running, which is unlikely unless they did come into your business, you gave them an amazing experience and you collected all their data so that you can keep in touch with them through other ways of marketing.
There is no better pleasure than when a business owner comes to you and says things like, you came just in time, or this is what we needed to stay afloat or I'm glad I put my trust in you.
I just love doing this, helping local small business owners grow and I know that when you are in your business, it is so hard to learn about what goes into actually marketing your business, getting your name out there and advertising in a way you actually profit from those ads!!

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