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Cinematic Style Video

Get the look from the Hollywood films with amazing video featuring your business with amazing music and transitions

Spokesperson Video

Have a spokesperson talking about your business and they can even look like they are in front of your premises or in your premises

Commercial Videos

Commercial videos are an amazing way to be able to promote your business with great graphics and transitions

Cinematic Style Video

Spokesperson Style Video

Commercial Style Video

Why Have Video?

You need the power of video on your website, regardless of what business you are in, you need video.

Video will generate more customers, more sales and more revenue as well as keeping people on your website for longer as it is more interesting to watch video than read content, potential customers will know, like and trust you more with video and watching video is easier, faster and more convenient

What Else We Do

Your Video In Video

You can have a video created and then have that video uploaded and inserted into live billboards, computers, phones, all types of signage and a whole lot more, making your video even more exciting

TLC Video Productions

Live Logo

Not only can you have your logo of your business put onto all types of images, but you can get live logo videos created that look just amazing, making your brand stand out from the crowd

TLC Video Productions

Image Videos

You can have any images you already have and get them turned into exciting and explosive video that will look amazing on any website or social media platforms

TLC Video Productions

Stats Why You Need Video

Demand For Video
Consumers want more video 54%
Marketing Tool
Marketing pros use video 87%
Social Media
Consumers love seeing video 82%
More Profit
Marketers happy with ROI 88%
Lead Generation
More potential customers 66%
Purchase Power
Customers buy after watching video 80%
Watch Video
Consumers that watch video if on website 66%

There is so much evidence that having video on your website and social media platforms increases the possibility of visitors not only purchasing from you, but they purchase more from you.

A client told us that after a visitor landed on their website from Google, a little over 2% request a quote, now with video on their website, enquiries have shot up massively to just over 70%.

Video gives you a huge 53 times more likely-hood than text alone of getting on the 1st page of Google, it helps boost your SEO in the search engines.

Having video on your website is equivalent to having a visitor read 20 minutes of text content and is so much more engaging.

Video is far less expensive to promote your business on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and any other social media platform than an image advert alone.

Other Types Of Video You Can Have

Live Logo



Exciting New Concept To Video
'Interactive Video'

You know video is a must in today’s marketplace and the challenge is to get noticed and be engaging. We have come up with the answer with ‘Interactive Video’.

This is where we create an interactive video for your business that allows the visitor to go on their own journey, they choose what’s most interesting to them, this makes this type of video a game changer.

They can actually choose which path they follow and by choosing their own journey, they get to see videos that they want to see, this makes them more engaging so your visitor stays watching the video for longer.

42%-83% Higher Conversions

Up To A 380% Increase In Clicks On Calls To Action

23% Average Increase In Order Value

50% Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Increase Sales & Average Order Value

The most successful businesses let customers ‘sell themselves’…

By allowing them to choose the products, services or information they’re interested in.

With interactive video, this is an automated process and the results are game-changing.

Maybelline has used interactive video to get purchase rates 14x HIGHER than the industry average.


Automate Your Content & Training Videos For Higher Engagement

With interactive video, it let’s you link multiple training or demo videos together…allowing customers to self-select the help they need through hot-spots.

Result is you get happier customers and less stress for you or your team.

Uncover Key Buying Triggers Of Your Prospects & Customers

Easily determine demographics & specific behaviours of your viewers – valuable intel to increase your marketing conversions.

Toyota uses interactive video specifically to collect key marketing data about its prospects

Any Local Business Will Benefit From Interactive Video

From Hair Salons & Restaurants to Personal Trainers & Gardeners, regardless of the type of business you have, interactive video will be a massive asset for you, getting you new customers and increasing your revenue.

Revolutionary 'Smart Personalised Video'

The next generation in video is ‘Smart Personalised Video’, an amazing way to get your customers or clients to really be engaged with your video in real-time. These videos created are compelling and highly-converting.

The most engaging thing to a visitor to see is their own name, with Smart Personalised Video, they will not only see their name, but also they can see their image, location and have their email pop out in front of them.

These type of videos can be created for any business like the Coffee Shop example, Florists, Gyms, Restaurants, in fact literally any business.

Make Your Videos Stand Out From The Crowd

You can now have the same enterprise-grade technology used by companies such as Dominoes Pizza, Red Bull, McDonald’s, Nike, Audi and so many more big companies.

Dominoes Pizza saw an increase of 115% in their conversions once they used the magic of ‘Smart Personalised Video’, Conversions increased by 22.19% to a whopping 47.73%, that’s a 25.4% increase & a 115% improvement

These are so engaging because the star of the video is the visitor watching it, you can’t get any more personal than that.


Conversions Climb

With 'Smart Personalised Video', clickable, personal calls-to-action links can be added inside the video leading to some companies with click-through rates of up to 985%

Amplifies Engagement

Just imagine, even the most boring of videos, such as getting a message out about a GDPR update of terms & conditions can increase a viewer attention rate by 70%, that's what PortoBay Hotels & Resorts got, imagine if an exciting video was created with 'Smart Personalised Video'

Improves Ad Performance

Companies have seen ad campaigns improve 10-fold in ROI when using 'Smart Personalised Video', Vodafone saw sales of it's own brand devices increase by 100% & their ad performance increase by 50%, also some companies saw a 59% reduction in costs.

Showcasing Car Dealerships & Estate Agents

Imagine if you own a Car Dealership or you are an Estate Agent and your potential customers/clients see a video similar to this, they would love it and it would dramatically boost the chance of you selling the car or them buying that new home.

Personalise ANY Video

Have your own videos? Great, you can have them all personalised by our team to make them grab more engagement & excitement.

As you can see by the image, whether it be a coffee cup, soda bottle, beer bottle, menu, whatever it is, you can get it personalised with their  image, name & location on to make your video riveting.

Don’t have any video! No worries, our team will create a stunning video for your business that’s personalised with the technology of ‘Smart Personalised Video’

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